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Gasket sheets

TECHNOSEAL SERVICES SRL is authorized distributor on Romanian market for the following sealing sheets manufacturers: Flexitallic Ltd and Donit TESNIT, d.o.o.

TECHNOSEAL SERVICES SRL offers from stock or on request:

  • Non-asbestos fiber, glass fiber with rubber binder. Temperature resistance between -50 ° C and 250 ° C, pressure of 40 bar, suitable for environments such as: wastewater, hot water, air, chemicals, gases, oils, fuels.
  • Graphite and aramid fibers with or without metal inserts for better thermal stability, chemical stability and for increased flexibility. Temperature resistance between -50 ° and 350 ° C, pressures up to 100 bar, water, air, chemical products, hydrocarbons, oils etc
  • High purity graphite with 316L stainless steel or perforated metal insert. Temperature resistance between - 200 °C and 550 °C, 100 bar maximum pressure, recommended for steam, gas, chemicals, hydrocarbons, oils etc.
  • Expanded / sintered PTFE. Temperature resistance from -200 °C to + 260 °C and 40 bar pressure suitable for aggressive chemical environments, pharmaceutical industry, food industry.
  • Mica-foil, for high temperature up to 900 °C and maximum pressure of 5 bar, recommended in the petrochemical industry.
  • Rubber sheets: SBR, NBR, EPDM, MVQ, silicone etc.