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Braided packings

Suitable for dynamic and static applications (pumps and valves).

TECHNOSEAL SERVICES SRL is authorized distributor on Romanian market for the German manufacturer of industrial packings - Propack Dichtungen und Packungen AG.

Types of packings offered by TECHNOSEAL SERVICES SRL:

  • PTFE packing (used for centrifugal pumps, piston pumps, mixers, valves for any industry sector).
  • Aramid fiber packing (especially used in chemical and petrochemical plants, refineries, thermal plants, in contact with aggressive chemicals, water, solvents, oil derivatives, fats and oils).
  • Graphite packing (used in chemical and petrochemical plants, in thermal plants and for use with steam, water, gases, oils, process water and chemical solutions, with excellent thermal conductivity).
  • Carbon packing (water, steam, weak acids, alkali, cellulose, oils, solvents).
  • Natural fiber packing - cotton (drinking water, food industry, weak acids, water, gas, steam).
  • Combinations of these fibers (PTFE + aramid, graphite + carbon).

We offer technical assistance for choosing the right solutions based on the information provided by the beneficiary, depending on the following:

  • The environment (domain - pH, aggregation state)
  • Temperature (constant, variable)
  • System status (surfaces, tolerances, modifications)
  • The pressure (constant, variable)
  • Working conditions (static, rotary, oscillator)

The company can also offer preformed rings of various sizes and types (sealing packages of complete sets from one material or application-specific combinations).