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Flat gaskets

TECHNOSEAL SERVICES SRL is specialized in producing non-asbestos sealing gaskets according to standards (SR EN, DIN, ANSI, JIS) or nonstandard sizes, of any shape or size, according to client drawings and requests.

TECHNOSEAL SERVICES SRL is authorized distributor on Romanian market for the following sealing sheets manufacturers: Flexitallic Ltd and Donit TESNIT, d.o.o.

The offer includes cut gaskets made of materials containing: aramid fibers, glass fibers with rubber binder, graphite, graphite and aramid fibers with or without metal inserts, rubber, PTFE, mica, heat-resistant materials and other materials that are suitable to this type of processing.

Our specialists offer customers assistance in choosing the right material for each application, taking into account all the parameters provided:

    - Working fluid and its compatibility with the gasket material;

    - Temperature, working pressure and material tolerance to withstand these conditions;

    - Torque vales applied on the gasket surface and the capability of the material to withstand these pressures;

    - Application workflow (continuously, with temperature and / or pressure variations, intermittently).

TECHNOSEAL SERVICES SRL provides its customers detailed information about all materials: technical data sheets, certifications (fire resistance, TA Luft certificates etc.) or approvals of materials used in various applications (oxygen, gas, fuel, drinking water).

The company owns a permanent stock of various materials to ensure deliveries in the shortest possible time.