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Seal Support Systems

The AESSEAL® manufacturer offers a wide range of sealing, innovative and modular support systems. Auxiliary systems are provided with CE certification. The systems are produced at the AESSEAL Global Technology Center, certified for Modules D, B1 and H1 - H1, being the highest level of PED certification.

 All systems comply with:

• ASME VIII Div.1, 2007, 2008a (welded to ASME IX)

• PED 97/23 / EC


Full range Seal Support Systems, from pressurized or non-pressurized thermosiphons, up to complex pumping systems that provide sealing fluid barrier (API 52, API 53A, API 53B, API 54). From the same category, we also mention coolers with fins, water coolers, flowmeters, cyclone separators, gas panels etc.

Specificatii tehnice

AES-15™ - Oil Support System AES-28™ - API 682 Vessel Range Cooler Range EasyClean™ Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry Products SWFF-TF™ SWM™ & SWP™ SW Range™ - Water Management Systems