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Cartridge seals

Mechanical seals for any application

We offer a standard range of mechanical cartridge seals, including single and double mechanical seals that fit even the most demanding applications. The implemented modular design offers the best performance in a shorter delivery time.

For unusual applications, our Standard Plus range offers all the advantages of a standard seal with the satisfaction of all our customer’s specific needs. This is reflected in the successful equalization of competition seals.

Cartridge mechanical seal construction is a proven reliability improvement. The seals are pre-assembled at the manufacturer, tested under pressure and shipped as a unit, resulting in improved performance so errors due to incorrect installation are reduced.

Cartridge construction eliminates the need to measure and set spring compression and having a pre-assembled mechanical seal which means that the sealing faces are protected against damage during installation.

Cartridge seals - modular assembly, which leads to flexibility in their repair and maintenance and to increased efficiency in heavy applications: petroleum, fertilizer, petrochemical, sugar, pharmaceutical etc. In order to be reconditioned, the manufacturing company provides repair kits with immediate delivery, replacing spare parts and static pressure testing at the TECHNOSEAL SERVICES workshop.

Specificatii tehnice

Metal Bellows BSAI™ & BSAIG™ CDSA™ Convertor II™ CSS™ / CSSN™ --- CDP™ / CDPN™ DMSF™ - Double Monolithic Stationary Flow RDS™ - Radially Divided Seals SCUSI™ - Short Cartridge Mechanical Seals SMSS23™ - Single mechanical seal for hot applications SMSS™ - Single Monolithic Stationary Seal