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Special gaskets

As an exclusive distributor on Romanian market for the Polish manufacturer of special gaskets -  SPETECH Sp. z o.o. we can offer the following type of gaskets: weld ring, self-energized seals, lens, baffle seals, cover plate gaskets, metal diaphragms, double cones, lip seals.

1. Weld ring seals - are suitable for applications where it is absolutely necessary to have a leak proof joint and also where a limited opportunity for disassembling is required (which effects long time period between scheduled revisions). Special reasons for weld ring requirement may also be: containment of hazardous medium and combination of difficult working conditions (temperature shocks, vibrations, axial or lateral flange movements etc.).

2. Self-energized seals - are used in extremely difficult applications and when the seating space is limited (due to limitation of weight or dimensions of the joint) or at the highest service requirements; these are airplane jet engines, rocket engines, nuclear power engineering, oil and gas industry; based on PTFE with additional metal spring element are used instead of elastomeric o-rings to seal the bearings, in the valves, plunger pumps, mechanical seals and in static applications, where due to the temperature, medium, volume or speed of relative movement the solution of higher reliability are demanded.

Self-Energized PTFE gaskets are also used in the static applications, because of the lower requirements as per the flange face surface finish compared to metal equivalents.

3. Lens gaskets. Thanks to spherical contact area of the gasket with the conical flange arrangement the high value local stress is accumulated and very good tightness is achieved. Special shape of the lens gaskets and being produced from solid metal makes that lens gaskets resistant to contact stress overpressure.

4. Baffle seals – are a special kind of fully metal seal. Baffle seal is a particular seal also forecasted for pressure vessels (heat-exchangers and others).

5. Cover plate gaskets – are used in high-pressure covers of pressure vessels, mainly in power industry. It is recommended to use products with metal inserts /reinforcements securing the gasket if it is to be used in high performance and/or high duty applications.