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Kammprofile gaskets

Kammprofile gaskets are made of a metallic core with concentric ribs over which it is applied a graphite foil.

These gaskets are designed for equipment with flange joints (heat exchangers) and can successfully replace metal jacketed gaskets.

From a technical point of view, these gaskets are capable of working in a wide range of tightening pressures (from 20 up to 500 MPa, with a 90 MPa optimum) compared to metal jacketed gaskets which work in a smaller range (from 100 up to 250 MPa, with a 160 MPa optimum).

The maximum working temperature is similar to the spiral wound gaskets and the installation requirements are less severe.

These gaskets can be reused after replacing the graphite foil, process which can be performed in a short time with minimal cost to the beneficiary.

From an economic point of view, the long-term cost for kammprofile is significantly lower than the cost of other technical solutions, not only the initial purchase value, but also the cost of refurbishing it at least 5 times.